Guy in a Nudist Resort

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SizeGeneticsNudist beaches and lakes have become really popular since the first ones sprouted in the 1950’s. Furthermore, contrary to popular belief, these beaches proliferate not only in Europe, but in Canada and the U.S. as well. Thus, three college buddies, Jay, Don, and Ryan decided to search out the perfect nudist hang-outs. Jay first came up with the idea, while surfing the internet for a good vacation spot. He realized that so many beaches near his home are frequented by nudists from all over the world. He decided to invite Ryan and Don over to plan their moves. The threesome set off in high spirits and decided to take the North-South route.

First on their list was an isolated spot near Halifax, Nova Scotia, called Suzie’s Lake. It was a perfect little lake, scenic, cool and relaxing. The problem however, is that there were too few people. In fact, they were practically alone. The friends were quite disappointed, but they stayed and swam for a bit. Jay and Don stripped down to their birthday suits, but Ryan decided to leave his shorts on. The two friends persuaded him to strip down as practice for the more populated areas they would visit, but Ryan was adamant. Unknown to the two, Ryan had a serious problem. He was not usually shy, but he could not strip all the way. He did not want them or anybody else to see his penis. This is because, unlike the average male sporting at least 5.5 inches of manhood, Ryan’s was barely 4 inches. He suddenly realized that he should not have gone to this great adventure with his two friends. He also realized that he could not keep insisting on wearing his shorts for too long.

Finally, the friends left, with Ryan feeling relieved for not being forced to get naked, but nevertheless horrified at the idea that they would be going to yet another nudist spot. The next resort on their roll was the Crystal Crescent Beach in Halifax. Ryan watched in desperation as they neared the third shore. There were literally hundreds of people! The first two segments of the beach were filled with people in their shorts and swimsuits, but the third was filled with nude sunbathers and nude people strolling about or playing in the water. Jay and Don immediately took their clothes off and joined in the fun, but Ryan tried to squirm out of sight. He watched the people and knew that he did not belong there. Men all around him were strutting about with at least 6 inches of manhood radiant in the sunlight. Jay and Don were loudly calling his name and telling him to take his clothes off. How could he possibly take his board shorts off in this crowd? The worst thing about it is that people were starting to stare at him. He was probably the only guy still wearing any clothing. Also, with him just standing around, people might think he was a pervert just getting a kick out of watching. Ryan had never been as desperate and mortified as he was at that moment.

To his relief, Jay came up to him and asked if he was ready to go. However, his relief turned to horror as Jay told him that they had more beaches to visit in Vancouver. For the first time in his life, he wanted his vacation to end. Actually, he simply wanted to drop dead from humiliation.

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